Holiday Photography

creating festive memories

Capture the Magic of the Holidays

Our holiday photography service offers a unique and memorable experience by bringing beloved characters like the Easter Bunny, Santa, and the Grinch to your events. Whether it’s a corporate event or an intimate family gathering, our characters add a touch of magic and fun to the occasion. We even offer the unique service of bringing Santa or the Grinch to your workplace, creating a festive atmosphere and providing a delightful surprise for employees. Our services are highly sought after, as evidenced by our long-term booking with the Urology Institute, where our Grinch character is now booked for the next five years.

In addition to workplace visits, our characters can also make appearances at larger venues like Costco, bringing holiday cheer to shoppers and staff alike. We provide family pictures at these corporate locations, capturing precious memories with high-quality photos. For a more personal touch, we offer intimate home visits from Santa or the Easter Bunny. These visits provide a unique opportunity for families to enjoy a private meet-and-greet with these beloved characters, creating unforgettable holiday memories.

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